Arghaa HR Technologies flagship division of Arghaa HR Solutions LLP is a Management Business Process Organization managed by highly stupendous professionals from across industries, is bound towards facilitating Organizational Renovation, Managing Human Side Changes eventually creating.
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Management Tips

Looking From A Different Perspective

Some managers were given the task of measuring the height of a flagpole. They looked at the task and discussed how it should be done. Ladders were purloined and tape measures ...

How To Get Action!

Normally 1 to 1 sessions seem to just fizzle out at the end of each one, usually because we run out of time and need to get back to the work place. "How can we overcome this?" This...

Defining And Modeling Excellence

Who wouldn’t want their team to exhibit excellent work?The main reason I see managers complain about the quality of work produced by their teams is because we rarely talk abo...

Whats Your Chunk Size

Well, in this we are now going taking a look at how people like to receive and communicate information. Chunk Size People can be categorized into two when it comes down to the amou...

How To Discover What People Expect Of You

As a Leader, how do you discover what people expect you to do? What feedback do you want that will help you improve your game and create opportunities for expansion in the future ?...