Arghaa HR Technologies flagship division of Arghaa HR Solutions LLP is a Management Business Process Organization managed by highly stupendous professionals from across industries, is bound towards facilitating Organizational Renovation, Managing Human Side Changes eventually creating.
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Corporate - What we offer for corporates?

Human resources is undeniably the greatest asset of an organization. The concept of human capital embraces all facets of knowledge, skills and experience that generate wealth of the organization. In today's competitive economy,  however, issues such as staff turnover, inadequate capacity, low performance continue to raise in virtually every economic sector and region coupled with challenges in Industrial Harmony, Change management and Commitment which has a significant impact on the bottom line results of the organization. The cost related to these issues includes lost productivity, higher absenteeism, missed revenues, reduced workplace morale and diminished organization reputation.

We at Arghaa, focus on upholding high industry standards in the Human Resources Profession and aims to do this by conducting continuous knowledge sharing and development for the advancement of the profession of all functions and create an extensive platform for energetic Talent seekers/Job seekers and make/improve business presence.

Arghaa, assists the professionals to remain abreast and competitive in their field by offering numerous training programs. One of the main upsides of being proactive, updated with the latest technology, and proficient in skills can transform an employee into a valuable asset to the organization. 

This develops high probability of getting promoted and increasing their value in the job market. Being equipped with technical and professional knowledge will not help only at the individual level, but will also be helping the companies in achieving a swift growth in terms of both business expansion and revenue generation.

Arghaa Offers top notch guidance and developmental growth to students, individuals as well as corporates. Our Talent Improvement Program includes

  • Soft Skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Function specific programs.
  • Safety Environment.
  • Technical Skill.
  • Manufacturing Excellence.
  • Outbound training programs.
  • Supervisor/Management programs.
  • Executive/Development programs.
  • Support Safety, Environment audits.
  • Support for government clearances. 
  • Assessment and career consulting.