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What are best IR Practices followed - Real time Practical Sharing

What are best IR Practices  being followed to maintain Industrial Harmony. Please share your experience or you have come across. Please let us have the same shared in bullet points.

·         Canteen Advisory Committee:

o   Review the Complaints and provide possible solutions.

o   Periodically ,Change the Menu patterns as recommended by CAC

·         Employee Grievance Handling:

·         Hear the complaints

·         Conduct preliminary Enquiry without any delay.

·         Inform the proposed/action taken against the complaint.

·         Don't give any commitments unless approved by Management.

·         Record minutes of meeting on sensitive issues.

·         Don't try to implement any change by notice without discussion.

·         Don't issue any order of suspension unless the situation warrants.

·         Explain well the acts which results

·         Be willing to “listen” and provide “psychological air.” especially to the younger work force.

·         Keep looking for third alternatives through openness and dialogue.

·         Believe in the power of win-win solutions rather than win-lose conflicts.

·         Always remember to keep channels of communication open, especially during periods of confrontation / strife.

·         Avoid taking positions that are “irreversible”

·         Believe in ourselves - That we can bring about large change by working on many small changes

·         Understand  what is happening inside the factory.

·         Walk through the shop floor daily in morning and evening.

·         Have a smile greet few people

·         Be Approachable – Should they come forward  please listen to them

·         Address the issues then and there- what is ever possible.

·         Give them and appreciate them for good things they have done in front of all

·         Call them separately and talk to them incase of mistakes not in front of everybody.

·         Be clear with the data’s at least basic one’s – This helps you to explain.

·         Recognize the efforts – Show the top management of their good deeds.

·         You can have line wise meetings during tea break along with line in charges.

·         Don’t blame them for non performance instead discuss how the missed targets can be made up.

·         Show them the respect and make them they are important.

·         Build a strong network inside the shop floor. This helps you to get lot of information.

·         Create  good rapport with Shop floor members.

·         You Should be an example not just an advisor. People look at you.

·         Be Patient, Good Listener. Do not jump to conclusions.

·         Have the guts to say No- At the same time explain them why you said no.

·         Have Personal Involvement and do not Just Delegate things.

·         Give Feedback- This builds trust.

·         Gain Respect not demand respect. We are People’s Person and feeling and emotions are same but at different level.

·         Be physically present at the Entrance, start of the shift and close of the Shift.

·         Observe the body language and tone of employees, what they discuss.

·         Do not react, listen and plan strategies.

·         Fair approach

·         Collective decision making

·         Adherence to statutory welfare measures.

·         Sense the reactions and responses in a right manner

·         Establish right HR practices including performance appraisal

·         Right redressal mechanism

Courtesty- Arghaa Academy of IR- Whatsapp group contributions by members