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What is it to be a resilient leader?

Whenever an organisation faces a setback, it is a resilient leader who tackles the problem and enables the company to bounce back, 
Being resilient is the capability of bouncing back and recover from a situation when most people give up the fight. 
Resilience does not happen by accident, it a character which has many contributing factors. 
An article in lists out a few of these contributing factors. 
1) The first on the list is being adaptable. It is impossible to avoid problems and escape challenges, however we can have control over how we are dealing with it. A leader should be ready to expect the unexpected, take lessons to learn and adapt.
2) A leader should always remain positive yet realistic. Challenges at job should not be taken personally and should move on from disappointment. The attitude of a leader can be contagious, if they remain positive it will improve the work of the employees. on the other hand if a leader falls apart it will have a negative impact on the the business.
3) Whatever challenge comes their way, a leader should always have a clear vision and purpose. The hiccups in the process should be overcome and the leader should make sure that the organisation moves forward.  
4) Every setback faced by the company should be seen as a lesson which should be incorporated in the future to avoid similar difficulties. 
5) It is not necessary that everything should be under control, there are certain factors that are beyond the control of leaders and it is important to identify when to let go of these things. We have to quickly realise such factors and move on. 
Implementing these points in an organisation will ensure that there is steady growth despite a few setbacks.