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The role of a leader

All the employees in a organisation may be skilled and technically sound, however to achieve a long lasting success the role of a manager becomes very vital. 

The achievements that an organisation achieves to aim cannot be done without the contribution of the leader.

There are many leadership and management skills and a few are listed in

1)The first aspect of being a good leader is to create a lasting trustworthy relationship with your colleagues. Show them that you are understanding and compassion will make them respect you. 

2) Instead of just giving orders, learn to be a part of the team. If you expect your team to perform you have to lead by example. Start helping employees if required. This will be the best way to show them that you will support them.

3) A manager should be able to identify the pros and cons of individual employees. It should be your goal to inspire your colleagues which can be done by recognizing and rewarding employees, sharing a clear vision and connecting it to each employee’s role and expecting high standards from everyone.

4) A leader should be self-aware and self-motivated. They should be able to manage themselves and be ready to accept feedbacks from others as well. 

5) Managers should help employees to find a meaning in their work to engage them in better ways. People always give better outputs when they find a purpose of doing something. 

Overall, being a leader is all about getting the most out of your team while maintaining a happy group of people. This can only be accomplished if you are able to apply yourself to the role and make more than a few changes to how you normally operate alone and with people.

Everybody makes mistakes and leaders are no exception, but it is how they go about with things after that which matters. Putting own ego ahead of the team will be destructive. 

Give credit to the team whenever you achieve something and be ready to defend the team if things don't turn up as expected.