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How helpful is time tracking?

All of us are running and competing against each other in our day to day life, the biggest rival in this race is Time. 
We always try to make sometime for ourselves which is not an easy thing in the present era. 
An article in reveals a few points on how to find time for ourselves and keep a track of it.
Time tracking is the most essential method of finding out your productive and non productive time. There are a lot of benefits for doing this, it helps you identify when you are doing something that is not essential and this time can be utilised for something useful. 
Tracking time will help your ability to focus by figuring out which activity will require more time than the others. This will help you identify the inefficiencies so that you can make changes to better allocate your and others' time. 
For a beginner it may seem difficult to track time and the aid of technology can be taken here. There are many applications that help in the cause. You should also be consistent. If you can’t do it for the whole day, for example, then just track your time in the morning. You can build on that. You also don’t need to break it down into a thousand different time-tracking categories. Keep things simple so that they are easier to do. 
When you cross the beginner stage you can start in-depth time tracking and integrate all your day's work. Start making reports of the work that you do which you can analyse later. 
Time tracking will make you realise what you do and boost productivity. This has more advantages as it will help you to re-focus and re-commit everyday.