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Tips to become a master

However excite may your work be, but at one point of time you would have felt bored.

There is no one reason for this to happen and this is not uncommon as well.

However there is one common denominator that exists: There is no emphasis on mastery these days.

To achieve this level, it's important to put in the time. 

In the latest trend, workers changing careers casually and quickly has reduced this chance.

An article in suggests a few ideas to develop a culture of mastery.

When you feel that something has to be improved in your team, promote it. We often stop short of encouraging mastery the way we should.

'It's very common for businesses to reward an employee for participating in advanced training and reaching a particular level of certification or accreditation -- for a piece of paper -- and then we stop. Instead of monitoring achievements or results, we often fail to recognize our team members until they reach a promotion or receive another piece of paper,' the article points out..

Companies reward the members who actually show results. Excitement about improvement often serves as incentive for everyone else.

It is important that people are given opportunity to learn something new. With less to strive for, employees will start shifting to next opportunities and this should be stopped.

By providing the right resources to learn you can even achieve a team full of masters. Most important of all is to lead by example. 

'There's a profound difference between people who get bored with high levels of competence and those who strive to reach a level of mastery. The former is looking around for better opportunities; the latter is looking for opportunities to better themselves,' the article suggests.

It is impossible for a company to force its employees to want to become master of their crafts, but a smart company creates an environment that provides them with opportunity.