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Improve your influencing skills

The new methods of communication have led to the introduction of new words into use which has affected our influencing skills in making a deal. 
Though this is a good sign, this has affected the formal way of talking during business communications in multiple electronic formats.
Our common tools in the recent times are text messages, emails, social media, phone calls, emails, video, or face to face conversations. 
An article in richtopia lists out a few techniques that can improve influencing skills.
The first important step to achieve this is to step out of the comfort zone. 
Get involved in things that you are interested in and take chances to talk to other people on a conversational level. 
Develop skills by reading books, try to engage in a conversation when you are waiting to buy something, and most important of all, listen to people which will help you get more insight on an issue.
Now that you have acquired these skills, it becomes important to train and develop on them. This is manageable through business coaching and can encompass activities like assessments to understand a person's natural talents and customised team member development in influencing skills areas.
Learning and the influencing skills is good for your business and for your people. When you and your staff are comfortable in your influencing skills, you will be the trendsetter at the head of the line.