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How to start a conversation?

All successful business meetings start with the right conversation. If you are able to manage to do this during your first meet, then your business will get in to the right path. 

However many people do not know how to go about this conversation and struggle right at the start. 

You have to set yourself apart from your competitors and set your sales goals higher than the others. 

An article in lists out a few tips that can be handy to start a conversation.

1) One of the common ways to start a conversation is by starting about something that is happening at present. This will establish you as an expert in the market. 

When you show people that you have understood the trends in the industry it will invite a new level of connection among others.  Start the conversation with 'Here's what going on in your market right now.'

2) Next aspect is to show people that you have understood the nuances of the industry. 

'Three challenges I see in your industry are....' is the apt starting line for this.

'Be sure to pick three challenges that are likely to be relevant to most, if not all, of your prospects, so you don’t alienate a potential customer at this early stage of the conversation,' the article suggests.

3) Now that we have bought up the challenge the next step would be propose a solution. 

'What's the toughest challenge you're facing?' Though this may look simple it is one of the most powerful techniques. 

The conversation accomplishes many things at once. Your prospect will start seeing you as an expert who knows what's going on.