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Make the most out of your leisure time

While most people believe that their career is shaped up by the time they spent during the office hours. an article in states that it is the time that they spend away from work that helps in making what they want to become. 
If you are not progressing in life, then you have no one else to be blamed but you.
Start spending your leisure time by learning about things that you want to do. This will give you enough time to do things that you want apart form working. 
While it may take a long time, you will definitely end up learning something new.
So now that you have decided to learn something new, how do you go about it. The best way to do it is by reading books relevant to the subject which you want to gain knowledge about.
When you start reading you will come up with new ideas and your knowledge can be transferred to others. This will also make others respect you.
The only way to know whether you have gained sufficient knowledge in a topic is by doing some project on it.
If your company did not give you this opportunity then create one for yourself. This will enable you to understand how things work and will urge you to learn more in a interesting way. 
Start connecting with people who are experts in your career path, this will accelerate your learning process.
A strong network of relationships, can enable you:
1) Contact smart friends, and learn their opinions
2) Get information and knowledge that are difficult to obtain
3) Help the company look for more potential partners
Most important of all the change you are looking for should begin tonight and never postpone things and start following these steps for atleast one hour from today.