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How to identify fake people ?

The world is filled with fake people and it becomes difficult to make a decision on whom to believe when you want to do something.
Those who are mimicking may be sometimes loud and convincing that you start believing they are for real and get in to trouble.
An article in reveals a few tips that will help in identifying the copy cats from the real deal.
Elon Musk on 'How to Tell if People Are Lying' says: 'When I interview someone ... [I] ask them to tell me about the problems they worked on and how they solved them. And if someone was really the person that solved it, they will be able to answer at multiple levels--they will be able to go down to the brass tacks. And if they weren't, they'll get stuck. And then you can say, 'oh this person was not really the person who solved it because anyone who struggles hard with a problem never forgets it'."
If people are working in a shorter axis, it is more likely that they are a mimic. They are able to delay gratification and can simplify and deep dive. 
Real people spend a lot of time reading and have the ability to walk you through things step by step.
Intelligent people usually get excited when talking something from their expertise and can also argue on the better side of an idea better than the people who disagree.
They don't waste time, know how to focus and most important of all they've failed.