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Improve your creative skills

Creativity is a talent that could add value to anyone who takes the time to refine this skill.
Cognitive psychologist Robert J Sternberg defines creativity as 'the process of producing something that is both original and worthwhile.'
An article in reveals a few tips to build and boost this skill.
The first thing to do to be creative is to allot sometime for yourself. Use creativity as a daily reward and get in to creative mode on a regular basis. 
You must have a positive mindset to keep the creative flow. Being stressed and rushed at all the time will only take you to the survival mode. Identify the time of the day when you are least stressed and demand your time to work on creative thoughts.
Make a note of all the brainstorming ideas that you come up with. This will help you in assessing your self and make necessary changes in what you are trying to carry out. This will also act as a boost to your self-confidence. 
Find what inspires you and read and talk about it which will help you in acquiring more knowledge about the topic. 
The most important of all is to be committed to increase creativity.