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How to bring the feel of collaboration in an organisation

In most organisations teams usually use two methods to interact- one is collaboration and the other is cooperation.
In cooperation everyone in the organisation work alongside to achieve an ultimate goal. 
In contrast collaborative setting involves a group of people working collectively towards a shared goal.
Collaborative environments are essential to organisations in which employees share a common purpose. The success of the business depends on how well the team functions with all members interdependent on one another.
So how to build a collaborative team?
The first step is to identify and build a team based on the individual strength of its members. 
The team members should compliment each other and reinforce where another member might not be strong. 
Facilitate the building of relationships organically between collaborators. It is easier to build relationship when employees work face to face.
The open mindedness of the teams should be encouraged and they should be asked to approach each situation openly.
Individuals will likely be paired with coworkers who have different perspectives and experiences at some point during their collaboration. All team members will need to come to know and understand one another in order to create a sense of security within the group.
The teams should be encouraged to challenge the status quo as innovation and agility are the keys to maintaining the competitive edge in any industry.
Individuals start feeling powerless when the same person calls of all the shots at all the time which causes passion to leave the team. Instead of doing this spread important tasks across a wide range of people. 
Make sure that each team understand the impact their decision has in the development of the organisation.
Rearrange teams and their objectives and provide everyone the opportunity to understand the skills and value each department contributes.