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How to overcome failure?

Challenges are so confusing. At times they make a person person while others get weaker. 
How is that people come back from devastating defeats while others simply give up? 
An article in reveals a few keys to improve personal resilience.
Instead of weeping over what has happened, start taking action, remember the more time wasted, and find out how to do things effectively.
Find a way to unwind and express emotions and release stress/tension. There are many ways to do this - speak to a friend, exercise, create art and so on.
Be ready to learn from everything- Success, failure, observing others- There is always scope for improvement. 
Make sure that you have people on whom you can rely one. 
Try to adapt to the condition instead of being rigid, and adapt to the current reality.
Before doing something ask why you are doing it and what is your true motivation. 
'When the storms of life are raging, your 'why', your purpose becomes the safe haven, the place you can always retreat to, regroup, and then start again. Follow your own desires, not those of others,' the article states. 
There is obstacle at every corner of life and our ability to overcome these challenges is what leads to success.