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How to take comparison positively

While it is popularly believed that comparing yourself to others will affect your self-esteem ,an article in tells otherwise.
The article states that comparisons can infact be a powerful tool to improve. 
If we are perceptive, aware of people, we are naturally going to notice those around us and take note of how they are different from us.
Social comparison is a hardwired into our brains. It’s called 'self-other mergence' and it takes place in the frontal cortex.
Comparison is nothing to despair about. However it is the next step of feeling less than that is problematic. Often a shift in our perspective is all we need to change our experience of life.
Instead of feeling envious of others or bad about oneself, it can be considered as a research. 
Sometimes we actually do not want the things that we envy with others. Sometimes you may realise that you have missed something that you wanted and set a goal to work for it. 
Comparison can give us clues to what we like, what we want, and how to get it. And when we see what others have, we know what’s possible for ourselves.
If someone accomplishes something, then means it can be done.
The world would be a bland place if we all looked alike.
By making the mental shift from competition to cooperation, we can switch the story in our heads from one of envy to one of appreciation. And we can harness the power of comparison to propel us toward our dreams.