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How to move forward in life

Most of the times, we tend to act before we think and it might come as big surprise if people start to check the motivation and the intent behind their next action. 
As you apply this to any situation in life- family, friends, work, and all your personal habits- a clear picture will emerge of how you became the person you are today
As you get into the habit of first checking your motivations and intentions, slowly you will start to head in a direction that is preferable to you and old habits will turn into new and productive ones.
This is a sure way of paving your old road with new asphalt of conscious intentions, where you know why you are doing something and what your expectations are. You may still not always get what you want, but you will know for sure why you did something without any confusion or regrets. It makes for a much clearer mind and more guiltless existence.
An article in lists out a few tips that will help you to move forward.
* How much are you willing to do to bring your deepest intentions into being? Are you willing to work six, eight, or ten hours a day? Seven days a week if necessary? Are you willing to forgo vacations with your family? Knowing these answers will allow you to set realistic goals. So success is attainable and not an unrealistic, distant dream.
* Have a mantra that will help you get real results. 
* Know what is the intention of your life. To find happiness, to be successful, to be loved, to be liberated, etc. This is your bigger, long-term goal. What are you doing to work toward this goal?
Each day you have to 'reset' your mind to ‘default.’ This default reset allows you to experience each day as a new one without bringing all the negativities from the day before into your new and pure day.