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Energise through encouragement

Energise through encouragement
Encouraging people has a significant effect on the improvement of their life and the people surrounding them as well. 
It is very simple to encourage someone, all you have to do is notice the strengths of others and then call them out. 
Encouragement is different from motivation. In motivation you speak to the masses, whereas in encouragement you uplift an individual. 
Building relationships with others is the only way encouragement can take place. 
Seeing potential in people is a beautiful thing,  because everyone has potential.
An author in said that his boss encouraged him that he could run a business, because of his efforts and leaderships skills. 
'I didn’t know what my potential was or what my strengths were, but he noticed, and chose to speak life into me,' the author stated. 
You have the chance to speak life into people every step of the way, encouraging them to keep going, even when nobody else believes in them. The power of encouragement can never be underestimated.