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How to tackle the 'mandatory' salary problem

There are many hurdles when people try to shift jobs, the biggest challenge comes when the online application form asks to fill the salary details of the current job, previous job and the expectation of applicant.
Liz Ryan in her article in states that over time you may get fed up with the many irritating and time-wasting features of the standard corporate and institutional job-application process, and bats for a more human and effective job-search approach. 
The author suggests to fill the expected salary amount in all the mandatory 'Salary' fields.
For example if you are expecting Rs one lakh in the job you are applying for then fill the same amount in all the salary fields. 
'When you have completed the application form with all of your past jobs and your current job if you have one, start a new section (as though you were going to write about yet another job),' she suggests. 
The author says to type  'All salary figures reported in this application reflect my current salary target of Rs one lakh' instead of typing the name of another employer in the column.
'Now you  have made it clear that you are  looking to earn Rs one lakh in your next role. That's all the information the application-screener needs to screen you in or out of the pipeline for any job opening the organisation is trying to fill,' she says.
Liz says that the salary target is what the employers are really interested in.