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How to make a better leader?

A leader is someone who should be constantly learning new things so that he can guide his team mates.

Of all the skills the leader should keep upgrading, strategic skill plays an important role. 

Strategy skills are a key part of senior leader's performance. A survey of talent management professionals reveals that three competency priorities are on the top of development agenda for company seniors. Given the increasing turbulence and disruptive threats many executives see in their environments, this will become even more important. 

An article in reveals a few tips that will help leader build strategic skills.

Strategic thinking is distinguished by the ability to complete evidence-based assessments of a company’s strategic situation. This means evaluating how well an organization’s goals, culture and business processes help it meet or exceed the needs of customers better than competitors and in a profitable way.

A critical requirement of strategic thinking is breaking through conventions that prevent the ‘real deal,’ a candid view of what happens day-to-day,  shaping the conversation about how we do better. The lack of this quality is called as strategic thinking skill gap.

This gap can be closed by educating the leader on the new tools that will help them analyse.

The next quality of the leader is creating mission and purpose and inspiring others with crisp messages that convert how a team and organisation is making a difference to customers. This is the key mission and the skill gap can be filled by providing ample skill practise.

Next is the strategic alignment which involves pulling up and across an organization regarding how the strategic situation works and how to take advantage of it. Alignment is a two-step of engaging others about vision and synthesizing the perspectives of others into a shared vision.

This key skill gap can be closed by providing them will tools that deftly execute the 'two-step' of aligning others to create a shared vision efficiently.