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The inspiration Mantra

An entrepreneur is someone who knows the risk involved with the work that s/he does, however goes on with it for the occasional reward that s/he might receive. Moreover, the feeling of changing the world gives a satisfied feel. 
It is inhuman nature to accept the ups and downs of life.  An article in says inspiration can be created with the conditions at hand. 
Vladimir Nabokov describes inspiration as first, 'a prefatory glow,' followed by a 'feeling of tickly well-being.' After a few days, a lightning bolt hits you.
While motivation and inspiration go hand in hand, resistance is a flimsy enemy. When you overcome resistance with inspiration then victory is assured.
How much ever inspiration you generate, you will feel drained if you keep killing it. It becomes necessary to find out what is the hindrance and it has to be removed. 
Your mood has to be observed to find out where things are going wrong. 
See if you are in the right role. Wellness expert Dr Susan Biali recommends that you first notice how you feel about the goal itself. 'Does the idea thrill you? If so, you’ve passed the first test,' she says. If it doesn’t, you might not be in the right role.
The motivation by people around you is another important factor. Research shows that people enjoy increased motivation when they receive positive feedback for their efforts, whether from a boss, peers or customers.
The environment in which you work also affects your inspiration. Not everyone has the luxury of a glass-walled penthouse with a view of the mountains, but do what you can to create inspiring surroundings.
Tony Robbins likes to talk about getting more juice out of life. Sadly, this is not a product offered, but rather a metaphor about squeezing out of life those things that set your spirit on fire. Your favourite flavour might not be mine, which is why it’s up to you to discover the parts of the human experience that give you goose bumps and shivers.
The best way to kill inspiration is to wait for it to strike, however inspiration does not just show up unless you get to work.
Humans are happiest when they are productive. If you don’t believe that, start tracking how you feel after coming home from work on a day of accomplishments versus one of spinning your wheels. Productivity feels better every time.
Instead of focusing on a task in its entirety, just start. If you run out of steam, that’s OK. Start again in five minutes, or an hour or a day. The key is to keep starting. Then finishing takes care of itself.