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How to improve job satisfaction?

There is no one proper definition of job satisfaction which makes it difficult for the managers to set a bench mark for this. 

An article in lists out a few factors that managers need to pay attention to in order to ensure that employees remain satisfied. 

The article breaks down job satisfaction into two main categories which each have their own subcategories:

Career– This consists of work environment, workload and clarity of job expectations.

Compensation– This consists of salary and benefits.

*Work environment plays a major role in job satisfaction. People are typically more affected by their surroundings and that includes their workspace. The general idea is to look around and see whether your office is inviting and inspiring. 

Try printing some colourful motivational quotes to hang up on the walls. Buy some plants to put around the office to bring life to the workspace. 

*Job satisfaction will be affected if people feel they are overworked. Unfortunately, many employees across the world are incredibly overworked. Yes, the nature of the workforce is competitive so hard work is required, but it’s important as a manager to do your part in not unnecessarily overworking your employees, or asking more from them than they can manage.

Companies that support work-life balance earn the respect of their employees and keep them engaged. 

Do not reach out to your employees when not necessary. 

* Lack of clarity is one big problem which mostly goes unaddressed. The real problem with lack of clarity is that it shows a much bigger problem in the organisation.

Ask yourself, have you made it clear to your employees what their role is, what is expected of them, and what actions they must take to accomplish what you expect from them.

Hold frequent one-on-ones with your employees, offering them a safe space to communicate any uncertainties or concerns they have about their role. Repeating and revisiting goals and objectives is the best way to ensure that employees are on the right track.

* While it’s proven that employees aren’t solely motivated by money, it’s important that they feel fairly compensated for the job they are doing.

Anyone can easily check what the going rate for a job is, so finding out that they are being paid less than market value would be highly aggravating and demotivating, causing low job satisfaction.

When hiring an employee, ensure that they’re satisfied with the amount that they’re accepting so they don’t harbor any resentment or feel under appreciated.

Encourage an open dialogue and transparency at all times so employees feel they can discuss everything with you, even something as uncomfortable as salary.

* Benefits are a great way to compensate your employees and keep your team satisfied and engaged. Many of the benefits that you can offer are free and very simple to implement, for instance, the option to work remotely, or flex hours, which recognise work-life balance.

Try offering your employees with perks such as Gym membership, Unlimited vacations, Lunch deliver to the office.