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Tips to improve your recruitment

Companies spend a lumpsome amount on recruiting people and very few get the result that they expect. 
An article in reveals a few recruiting statistics that will come in handy for companies. 
* In the present era of social media, candidates interact with the present employees of the company with much more transparency and get to know about the company. This has stopped the companies from using gimmicks and buzzwords while recruiting. 
Companies need to be much more authentic, and potentially change the way they do things.
Encourage employees to promote the company on their social media accounts. You can even create a company hashtag to help create a culture.
* Developing your employer brand is more important, be it via social media or by word of mouth. Make the process as humane as possible. 
Real people are more interesting than automated messages. You can also send a private Linkedin message, which humanises the process even further because they can put a face to the name and browse your profile.
* Companies should learn to reduce the time involved in choosing their candidate. Often, companies will overdo the process and make it longer than it needs to be. 
There are tons of excellent software options that help to optimise the process and make use of all the resources available. 
* The best candidate may already have several offers coming their way and when you find one make sure you make the move first. 
You need to find the 'just right' scenario of recruitment, meaning, don’t make the hiring process too long and complicated that it becomes daunting to the candidate. But, don’t make it too simple either, making the position less ‘exclusive’ and desirable.
* The cost of hiring someone is too high and at times companies are in loss because of this. Recruiters now administer more advanced tests, bring other managers into the process and spend on more expensive and diverse job listings.
Your candidate may have great experience and be a good fit on paper, but do their values and personality fit with the company culture? If not, you might want to reconsider the hire.
* Make sure that the present employees are not too stressed because of vacant positions.  Think about the lost revenue from missed business, the lost money from employees who have to do more with less, the money from mistakes made when employees are doing too much to handle, etc.
* Even if you are not going to employ someone make sure that they had a good experience while being rejected as they might spread the word about bad experiences. 
If you decide not to hire a candidate, be sure to send them an email or give them a call to let them know that they haven’t been accepted. And to kick it up a notch, if they happen to ask for a reason, taking the time to share your insights would be so greatly appreciated.
* It’s so important to make candidates feel good and respected at every point in the process. When this is the case, the employee will already hold your company in high regard, enticing them go the extra mile to make your company successful.
Just as you expect candidates to show up on time, you should likewise be punctual – show up or call when you say you will. And, try not to schedule any portion of the interview over the weekend (even if it’s on the phone), demonstrating the company’s respect for work-life balance.
* Recruiting is becoming more and more like marketing. Candidates, both passive and active, should be treated like leads in a funnel, the same way that marketing treats their leads.