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Are anonymous feedbacks helpful?

Most corporate cultures don't really allow for full freedom of expression, so anonymity is important. 

However there are concerns that anonymity is one of the biggest reasons for a low response rate, or inaccurate data. 

An article in explains the benefits of anonymity and how it works. 

The biggest benefit of having employee surveys be anonymous is that you can really get employees to express their concerns. When it’s anonymous, employees are less worried about getting in trouble and are a bit more free to speak their minds.

One obvious issue with an anonymous survey is that you can’t figure out who raised the issue, but what you should be focusing on is the feedback itself. You’re missing the point if you’re trying to figure out who said it. At the end of the day, that’s not as important as addressing the issue that was raised.

* Anonymous survey is that employees will be more open and honest and it will make them feel psychologically safe making them to be more comfortable saying what's truly bothering them .

* These anonymous surveys will make your employees feel like they are listened to and they have a say in what happens at their organisation. This will make them feel more engaged to work and will result in increased productivity. 

*If you act on the employee feedback it will lead to increased employee retention. Not acting will have the opposite effect and leads to employees being disengaged, angry, and if the problems persist long enough, they’ll leave.

The article explains each activity one by one on how privacy is handled.

* No manager can ever see an employee’s individual response.
'It’s important for us that employees using the platform understand this. We will never show managers these answers, no matter how much they ask,' the article states.

* Everything is aggregated anonymously and presented to managers in a powerful, yet simple engagement report. Again, we don’t show individual employee’s responses. This is simply an aggregated score to give you a sense of what’s going on at work.

* One of the biggest challenges is ensuring that employees could remain anonymous while they continue to reply to feedback that they gave.

Using a third-party vendor to help you administer the survey and results will definitely help, but there is a responsibility that you have as well.

It’s all built on trust. If you trust your employees enough not to hunt them down, you might not even need the survey to be anonymous in the first place.