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Smart ways to tackle tiredness

Being tired is one desire that everyone would have experienced on a regular basis. But only few of us would know why we are tired and how to rectify it?

An article in says that there are basically three types of tiredness.

Sleepy tired, Synapse-Fatigue tired and I-can't make enough energy tired.

Sleepy tired is the state in which you feel drowsy and heavy-headed before the bedtime. This is because of the melatonin which cannot be avoided even during a relaxing day. 

To be more precise, the more the melatonin the more sleepier you feel, this is high during the night time as this chemical will be produced at the peak between 1 and 2 am

This diminishes our ability to be alert and focused.

This tiredness can be avoided by knowing what your chronotype is, keeping your work environment well lit and most important of all not using your smartphones and laptops before bed. 

The next category is the synapse-fatigue tired which is result of the over-working of the synapses that transfers information in the brain. 

You start feeling tired when the neurons get clogged up with information but you don't have enough neurotransmitters to send it to the brain cell.

To avoid this mental fatigue, always make sure you take a break in between works, drink ample water to be active and prolonging the exposure to a task will make you insensitive to it which will result in the errors at work.

The last on the list is the I can't make enough energy tired. Mitochondria also called as the power house of the body produces the energy needed for a person to function. However your body creates only enough mitochondria as it needs to power up.

There is no problem in a normal day, but when the day is demanding that is when the tiredness comes into play.

The best way to eliminate this problem is by exercising as very energy intensive activity will help in producing more mitochondria and making your body more efficient.

Exercising will also improve your concentration and other mental abilities.