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How to get out of your comfort zone

Most people find themselves stuck to their job without having any growth. They are satisfied by staying within their comfort zone. While this is not a bad thing, it will also spoil the potential development that they may have in the future.
Even those who realise this are scared to move out of the job in fear of landing in something worse.
An article in lists out a few points that will help you come out of your comfort zone. 
First find out your courage zone. If you are scared of taking a big leap, atleast take a small step.
'The zone of courage contains much less predictability than your comfort zone, but it could also contain opportunities for personal and professional growth,' the article states.
Another important aspect is finding the zone of terror. This is the zone which lies beyond the zone of courage. The key is to find a spot between the courage zone and terror zone, it allows you to grow but doesn't paralyze you with fear.
The best part of coming out of your comfort zone is getting yourself exposed and gathering courage to face any problem and making yourself vulnerable to such situations.
Most of all remember that getting out of your comfort zone does not happen all of a sudden and is a slow process. Take one step at a time and start going forward gradually.