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How to actually connect with people

We are at one of the prime times of human history. As humans, we thrive on social bonds and the latest technologies and social media platforms have enabled us to be connected form across the globe. 
However, we do not utilise these technologies to fulfil the purpose of connecting with people, we rather use these platforms to boast about self achievements, post selfies and stuffs.
This fact can be backed as the chronic loneliness in the US has reached a all time high despite it is easy to connect with people.
First of all there is a difference between being connected and connecting.
One is fleeting and addicting; the other helps us establish long-term connections and feel true joy and fulfillment. And we are doing more of the former than the latter.
An article in lists out a few points that would help people focus on connecting.
'In some respects, our culture and education conditions us to be suspicious of human connection,' the article states.
The next on the list is being addicted to selfish chemicals.
Our brain releases chemicals which alter our mood and our ability to connect with the people.
While endorphins and dopamine are selfish chemicals, serotine and oxytocin are selfless and social.
The selfless chemicals can be experienced only in the company of someone else.
'Connection is great for life. Connection is great for business. Connection is the answer,' the article states.
The key to  getting connected is getting along with people naturally and not for some benefit.
'A reality where connection, compassion, empathy and love dominate. Where we connect first and do business second,' the article points out.
Only when we really start connecting to people we will live a full life and enjoy success and be happier.