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How to be the 'Cool Boss'?

You may be a head of an organisation or a team and may be efficient as a leader. But to make the best out of your team you have to be the 'Cool Boss' which is not quite easy for everyone to achieve.
An article in reveals a few tips that can help you be the 'Cool boss'.
The first thing to do is to stop talking and start doing things. You have to interact with your employees to find out what they want and get feedback from them. Don't stop with just gathering the details and act on them. 
Trust your employee and know that there is a lesson to be learnt always. 
'Once the word gets out that you are changing the lives of team members, your bench will fill up quickly,' the article states.
A owner should be brave enough to overcome his shortcomings and seek the help of his employees looking beyond his title of CEO or owner. He should make his employees realise that he is just another person to the same pressures and stresses that they feel.
Implementing these ideas on a regular basis will boost your morale.