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The importance of emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence and leadership quality go hand in hand. Those who have high emotional intelligence are successful in communicating, which is an essential quality to become a leader.
By communicating effectively you can control your own emotion and the emotion of others. 
To put it in simple words emotional intelligence is all about emotional awareness and communicating with others.
An article in lists out a few basic steps to emotional intelligence.
The first aspect in the list is to know and understand yourself including your strength and weakness. 
You should learn self management by which you can control your response and behaviour. This will make sure that you don't react without considering the impact of your decision on others. 
A strong relationship skill can be established only when you understand the emotions of others. This will enable you to communicate emphatically in a way that resonates with each of them.
Another important aspect is social skill, a leader who has good social skills knows how to communicate effectively.
A good leader is someone who can achieve the desired result in any given environment. Staff will step up and work to their strengths when they feel they are heard and acknowledged.