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Being too humble at work is not all that good

Wendy Nolin in an article in states that 90 per cent or so of the time, she is working with clients who have a deserve-ability issue.

'While 25 per cent of the population is comfortable in their own skin and owns their greatness 75 per cent are all suffering from deserve-ability issues,' she states.

The author however asserts that the remaining 75 per cent fall into one of the two categories, the extreme opposite ends of the spectrum.

Only 25 per cent of the people are balanced, emotionally healthy adults functioning at their peak on a fairly regular basis as a result of their parenting. 

They had consciously choose to own their story, shed their programming and pro-actively engage in writing the rest of their life story on their own terms. 

As much as we try to compartmentalize our lives and keep personal and business separate, it is impossible because who we are shows up in how we work.

At one end of the spectrum is an utter lack of confidence and self-worth. The 'I’m not good enough' story you may be telling yourself.

At the opposite end of the spectrum of course is the self-absorbed, egotistical pompous ass I described before. These folks may also be classified as narcissists, psycho- or socio-paths in our society.

It’s enough confidence to own your greatness and it’s enough humility to not let your head get too big.

Owning your greatness means you aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd, speak your mind, and own your individuality.

You don’t lose your identity to relationships, your profession, or any other situation. You rise above the drama of life and maintain your sense of self.

At times you may be in a position where some of your friends and colleagues won't like the new you. This is because they are stuck in their own story of not owning their greatness.

You will become magnetic, energetically attractive, and downright irresistible to others. You will begin to attract the friends and colleagues who admire your new confidence.

The choice is left to you, the time is now and you are enough to step in to greatness.