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How to build long distance business relationship

In the previous era, people traveled to places and met their clients and discussed business with them in person.

However in the present scenario we do not meet prospects and clients, but have to build relationship.

An article in gives a few suggestions on how to built relationship remotely.

1) Whenever you contact a person tell them your name clear with the purpose of your call. Ask them if they are available to talk now. If they say find out a better time to call, ask if e-mail is a better way.

2) When you introduce yourself ensure that you have an interest generating statement and also ask a question to get a response.

3) Be vigilant on the conversation you have and what your learn about the person at the other end of the phone.

4) Be cautious about the time zone of the person whom you have called and consider the other person's time.

5) Try to schedule phone appointments through Skype, Outlook, WebEx, or other forms of conference calling.

6) Recap previous conversations, including expressed needs and priorities to see if anything has changed.

It is also important on how you respond to your callers. Remember that not everyone is a good fit, irrespective of which you should thank them for their time and wish them the best.