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Ten things HR should change

There are few things in the present era which the HR People should redesign and Redefine. An article in recommends a few points that people in HR can make use of. 

1) Innovation for the sake of it has never helped anyone and hence never try to innovate all the time.

2) This is the era of crowdsourcing and stop trying to do everything by yourself. Make use of the good ideas of the past in figuring out where innovation is truly called for. 

3) Keep your approach simple and don't come up with new buzzwords and Jargon.

4) HR is not a place for leftover talent and we must find ways of attracting strong business leaders with an aptitude for talent and HR in leadership roles.

5) Do not try to own all the fun work at office, let the other functions take turns at anchoring these events. 

6) Stop the mad race to productivity by cutting the workforce before cutting the work itself.

7) Being complex does not automatically make you either valued or impactful, so stop enjoying complexity of ideas.

8) Stop having separate HR Tech/ HRIS verticals in your structure. It is about time we integrated tech into HR seamlessly and ensured all HR talent is tech-savvy. 

9) No HR ever get their work done at workstation, it is important to go out and interact with your customer.

10)  Focus on what you want to do and deliver instead of getting defensive to people.