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Your day starts with MORNING

The rest of your day depends on how well you begin it and here are a few tips of the morning routine of successful people. 

* Figure out what is important for you and do it in the morning. If something is important to you, there is time for it in your life somewhere, but most likely in the morning.

* The easiest way to get exercise in your routine is in the early morning hours. If you lift weights you may enjoy the resulting metabolic boost. It’s also a great time to get some more sunlight into your life.

* Next comes the breakfast, while most people advocate on what to eat, there is this two breakfasts method which can be tried. 

First breakfast is something really light within a few minutes of waking up, such as a string cheese, a banana, or even 5 or 6 almonds. Second breakfast is usually later, around 10:30, and can be more substantial.

If you are craving something big like an egg sandwich, you can wait until 11 and make it an early lunch, possibly with a midday snack like yogurt, hardboiled eggs, oatmeal, whatever.

There are a few tips that can also help you when the mornings are really rough.

*To have a better morning try having a tablespoon of peanut butter right before bedtime. The theory is that low blood sugar overnight can lead to a rough morning — so if you have some peanut butter right before bed it keeps your blood levels stable.

* Utilise the time in the night to prepare for the morning. You can keep your dress pressed and your files in the bag during the previous night. Small things like these will make your work easy in the morning. 

*If you feel like you’re getting lousy sleep because of stress, then really, really, really try gratitude. End the day focusing on what you’re thankful for — instead of what stresses you out.