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Tips to make people feel important

Van Weisler, CEO of The Validation Project, says that she was bullied pretty badly during her school days because of her shyness which almost pushed her to the point of being mute. 
Find the purpose of your life
There is always a never ending search in everyone of us which keeps us going. However, whenever we are stuck at some point here are a few questions that will come in handy.
* The first question to be asked is 'Why I am here'.  Where ever you are in life when you ask this question, recollect all the events that took you there. 
Who you are becoming far outweighs who you are. If what you are doing today is not making you a better human being or the world a better place, you are probably on the wrong path.
* Go through the story of your life that you have lived so far. 
One of the reasons you might be experiencing unrest and frustration in life today is that you might not have a better story shaping your life. You need a heroic narrative. A story that calls out your best and highest self. A narrative that demands you bring your full attention, strength and personality to the task at hand, creating a life of significance and substance.
This can be achieved only when you acknowledge the good and the bad of your story up to this point. 
You can never change your past, but can always create a better future. Be accountable to your future self. Live with a deeper sense of responsibility with the amazing talents, genius and strengths you have been given.
* The next important question is whom do you need in life. It is important that you have the right person to spend your time with. 
Investing in the right relationships and surrounding yourself with the right people is crucial to your success.
You are built for relationships. You have a calling in your life and a role to play within your team, family and community. Define whom you are fighting for and who is fighting for you.
Grab three friends or mentors in your life and ask them what they think is holding you back in life and how they see you overcoming it. Take notes, do not get defensive and thank them for being in your life.
* The only way to live life with passion is to discover, name and fight for what matters most to you.
Without something at stake-- a cause, person or compelling future-- you will merely keep surviving and never experience success, let alone significance. Deep down you know what matters most to you, who matters most to you.
Every time you make an excuse, place blame or get distracted from going to work on your life, you move toward an apathetic and happenstance existence.
* Life will give you what you give others. Your life can impact and influence others in meaningful ways. Even small ways. A smile, a hug, a thank you, a high-five, eye contact, an email or kind word. All energy transferring in the form of hope from you to another.
Commit to serve someone else in some small way. Give more than you take. Listen more than you talk. Write an email or letter of encouragement to someone who has helped you. Get your focus off yourself and onto others.