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You don't have to be best in everything

In life we have been taught to be the best in whatever we do and in the process we forget to enjoy what we are doing. But being good at something is never a replacement for loving it.
The author of an article in says that there was a constant struggle between the voice in her head and her father's voice on what to do. 
'One voice in my head said I should accept myself just the way I am. Another part couldn’t help but point out all the room for improvement. Along the way, I’ve realized that one voice doesn’t need to defeat the other. They just need to learn to get along,' she says. 
She says that the goal is never to be number one compared to others, but to do the best that she can. 
'I’ve learned to do be the best at just one thing: being my own number one fan, supporter, friend, and mentor. I appreciate myself so much for doing the things I love, even though I’m not “number one” at them. I am grateful for how much time, care, and effort I put into trying to be a good friend to myself.,' she adds
She states that self-esteem is nothing but a cheap replacement for self-love. 
'I don’t need to esteem myself. I know I’m an awkward, beautiful, human mess. At most of the things I do, I’m somewhere between mediocre and interesting. At some things, I’m between awful and mediocre. But I love that I do them anyway,' she mentions.
She further points out that so many of us miss out on the chance to experience self-intimacy because we forget what friendship is all about. 
'It’s about secrets, inside jokes, and adventures. It’s about heartbreak, healing, and presence. We don’t love our friends for how skilled, accomplished, or perfect they are. We love them for being real, for walking beside us on the confusing, chaotic road of life,' she says.