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How to handle pressure and stress

Pressure always seems to equal stress, and it often feels like there’s no way around it beyond avoiding the pressure completely or suffering through. But experts say that's not always the case. Pressure and stress don’t have to co-exist—and we have the power to keep them separate from each other.
Here are a few tips that will help you in separating the two. 
* Know about pressure
Pressure gets a bad rap, but it can actually be a good thing. The pressure we feel when we’re going after a job promotion, trying to come through on a promise to a loved one, trying to push ourselves to accomplish something new —that’s pressure that can motivate us to grow and achieve new things.
Pressure and stress are connected by rumination. What was once motivating pressure becomes something else entirely when we start doubting our abilities or when we worry about all the things outside of our control.
This kind of negative thinking can tie negative emotions—like anxiety or self-doubt—to our goals, and that’s when we started to get stressed. If we can’t break from that worry cycle, it can stop us from ever seeing the finish line.
* Pressure is doable
An important distinction between pressure and stress is what the situation is asking of you. 
Pressure is doable. You have it within you to deliver and to perform your best. Use that definition of pressure to give you confidence and a concrete way to tell if you're actually in over your head.
* Reason with stress
When you’re focused on the things that matter most to you, you have more invested and therefore you’re more affected by its outcome. 
If you’re facing a doable situation and you still find yourself stressed, it might just be because you're pursuing something meaningful. 
If you’re feeling stressed by pressure, try writing down the 'why' behind your goal. Why do you care about what you’re pursuing, and why is it meaningful to you? Revisit that note each time the stress starts to stir up.
* Be mindful
To minimise the obsessive and anxious thoughts that link pressure and stress, it’s important to monitor the time you spend drifting off into 'What If' land. 
It’s easy to let our thoughts wander and turn into stress when we’re putting together breakfast or staring at ourselves in the mirror before brushing our teeth.
It’s easy to let our thoughts wander and turn into stress when we’re putting together breakfast or staring at ourselves in the mirror before brushing our teeth.
* Accept pressure
Fighting pressure will only make things more difficult in the end.
When you accept pressure for what it is—maybe a slightly uncomfortable but motivating force—it’ll help you press onwards with more determination.
It can help to recognise that you’ve dealt with pressure before—and you came out on top. If self-doubt starts to creep in, recap the things you’ve previously accomplished with the help of a little pressure.