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Why more people prefer social sector recently?

Why more people prefer social sector recently?
Social sector which was once considered as retirement plan is now seen as challenging and exciting.
In the present scenario 0. to 0.5 per cent of the country's workforce is in the social sector. 
Post 2011, this trend has strengthened in India, since NGOs started raising funds locally from corporates, and partnerships. Moreover the social sector has become more entrepreneurial, learning lessons from the private sector about how to operate efficiently and adopting marketing techniques to enhance their fund-raising efforts. This has also given an impetus to more professionals from the corporates taking an interest in social sector. 
Opportunities to take on many responsibilities, relevant hikes for deserving employees, rewards and recognition, opportunities for young people to build careers, challenging roles and above all personal satisfaction are the key area which have given a boost to hiring in the non-profit sector. 
Hiring from corporates to work with social sector has started trending with a positive influx of professionals from the corporate sector; with more professionals from engineering and MBA background opting to work with the social sector. 
Social sector organisations have changed from the conventional hiring methodology of depending on referral or internal sources to building a “Talent Brand” and focusing on the internet and social media for hiring potential candidates.
With the steady migration of top level employees of corporate sector they bring in the experience of a corporate approach which is more result oriented.
Conducting of internship program in universities is a positive way of approach where the young generation can absorb a new perspective. 
After recruitment, some organisations also implement a buddy mentorship programme which helps new employees to probe about the organization, and its culture as this helps in building a long term association.  
Professionals from corporates will look forward to work in social sector to fulfil the need to support a cause while elevating the society in the whole.
In general, if an organization manages people well, employee attrition will come down. There should be an emphasize on managing the work environment in a friendly and cooperative mode, providing opportunities for growth, motivating, mentoring.