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The role or social media in recruiting

It is an undeniable fact that the digital revolution has somewhat altered every aspect of our lives and talent acquisition is no different. 
The past decade has seen the role of HR professionals gradually evolve from outmoded 'personnel' department to an inclusive 'human resources' department. 
Social medias including Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter have now become quintessentail elements for prospect scrutiny. 
It can be said that an effective talent acquisition strategy needs to be almost 100 per cent digitally orchestrated in today's world.
2017 has now been warranted to be a game changing year with organizations requiring top-notch technologies to attract the cream talent.  Data analytics, artificial intelligence, open talent acquisition suites, talent communities and mobile optimization are now increasingly being used for better quality hire and lower turnover.
As per the Recruiting Software Impact Report, approximately 75% of recruiters and talent managers use some form of recruiting or applicant tracking software. Furthermore, 94% say that the software usage has improved their hiring process with only 5% of HR professionals preferring the traditional methods.
As technology evolves to become a precursor to various HR functions. Cloud based tools, people analytics tools, online hiring and influx of AI and machine learning will be the major criteria with which the recruitment process will happen in the future.
The positive part of digital advancement is that it enables the removal of biases and allows bringing in objectivity while assessing candidates throughout the selection process. Automating mundane tasks not only improves the candidate experience and makes internal processes more effective, it also makes the employees happier.
The obvious flip side to the benefit of speed and impartiality is the loss of a certain unquantifiable human element from the process along with the rising implications of legal liability. The changing dynamics of the workplace, talent acquisition, recruiting and retaining is thus undergoing a mega-disruption.
Even with all the advancements it should be kept in mind that technology should be a enabler and not a replacement.