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Tips to get promoted in your job

The problem freshers face when they get a job is knowing how to go about doing things. And things get worse when your colleagues get promotion but still you are in the same position where you started.

An article in lists out a few tips that will help in getting promoted down the road.

1) Whenever you get into a job stay awake and aware of the challenges that you might face. Instead of trying to run away from the problem learn how to face it. 

2) Make yourself reliable and useful and complete all your commitments on time. 

3) Be professional at all times and deal everything professional with colleagues wherever you meet them. The way you express yourself will clearly broadcast who you are.

4) One of the important aspects of getting promoted is letting your senior know that you are ready to teach others what you have learnt.

5) Instead of getting involved in unnecessary rumours in the office, concentrate only on your work.

6) Once you feel comfortable with your job, think about your goals and the company's goals and write them down.

7) Start reading how people around you are behaving, you may have your own goals but they can be influenced by the energy surrounding you. Fear in your environment is the biggest stress-inducer and business impediment.

8)You don't have to be on the top of the ladder to acknowledge your co-workers. Reinforcing your teammates' triumphs and seeing and acknowledging their frustration are the best way to cultivate as a teammate.
9) Don't wait for people to give your feedback every time, instead start asking them. Find the people whom you trust at workplace and ask them for opinion.

10) Making a plan is easy, however executing it as you have planned is difficult. The best thing to do is go with the flow and reach your goal instead of staying rigid.

Remember that you may be new to the job, but they have seen some potential in you and have hired you. Use your judgment wisely and don't hesitate to ask for opinion whenever needed.