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Employee engagement is key to success

While different companies will have different opinions on various aspects, the one thing that everyone will agree upon is- Employee engagement.

The only simple reason for that is engaged employees are more committed, hard working and productive. 

However at the recent times there is a decline in this key management metric.

There are three major measures in particular that address the problem in management. 

The first problem that comes to mind when we talk about employee management is the lack of recognition.

A survey published in states that the number of employees 'who feel strongly valued at work' dropped 16 per cent - from 31 per cent in the prior year's survey to 26 per cent in the current one.

The recognition most employees want is simple, honest words of praise from one's direct manager which does not cost much and takes little effort.

However organisations seem have falter in this regard.

Next on the list is the lack of management transparency. This is yet another morale killer. Employees feel left out when they are not clear of what they are working for or what the management wants. 

If only four individuals on the employee side feel transparency, the great majority inhabits an at least somewhat mistrustful environment.

The survey places the number of employees 'who feel management is very transparent' at only 25 per cent. (The figure rises to 42 per cent for those who are part of management.)

The third and yet most important of the factors is the on-the-job relationships which are an integral part of the employee engagement formula.

The environment in which you work constitutes greatly to your output. Data in this survey shows that only 24% of employees 'feel strongly connected to their co workers,' an 11 per cent drop from the prior year.

Management's failure to foster cross functional relationships is increasing the gap between departments.

Only 27 per cent of employees thought their company was 'doing a great job with team building.'

Attaining transparency is comparatively easier. It takes the right manager who can create an open atmosphere where friendship can flourish.