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The role of frontline managers

Frontline managers are the ones who are responsible for the day to day operations  in a organisation. 
However in most companies, the least experienced tier of managers are promoted to this role.
According to a recent survey by  CareerBuilder, 20 per cent of first-time managers do a poor job, 26 per cent felt they weren't ready to lead others and 60 per cent say they never received any training for the new role. 
Since these managers may climb up the hierarchical ladder it is a huge concern that 50 per cent of them are rated as ineffective. 
An article in suggests that a frontline manager must posses the following skills.
* A manager has to be self-aware of his/her strength and weakness and should be equipped to make day to day decisions and interact effectively with others.
* Managing internal stakeholders and navigating organizational politics to achieve goals is a key competency for managers.
* Managers should learn quickly from experience and should have the ability to integrate experiences and adapt to the environment. 
* Effective managers are able to accomplish goals by affecting the actions, decisions, and thinking of others. Influence allows you to get things done and achieve desired outcomes.
* Communication skills play a major aspect in the role of a manager. A manager should be able to communicate to the colleagues and the superior effectively.
* The most successful managers are able to inspire and guide direct reports and others to complete work, especially when goals are unclear. This may include motivating others to exceed expectations or put in extra effort without monetary incentives.