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Shape your success

Success does not come overnight and you have to put in a lot of hardwork to achieve it. 
It is a lifestyle which requires consistent approach to sculpt the course of your life. 
However strange or peculiar it may seem it is important that you follow the winning habit on a regular basis. 
An article in lists out a few tips that can help you achieve success. 
* Having a positive mindset is important to attain success. Make use of every opportunity you have and learn from it. Have the courage to pick yourself up after falling down. Surround yourself with people who support you, lean on them and ask advice when you feel low. 
* Find out the reason for your birth and how you can use your skills to reach it. Aim for a goal that provides direction in your life and allows you to savor your journey. Realise that life is a collection of events and memories that all help shape your attitude, and your goal is a byproduct of the kind of life you lead.
* Now that you have found your purpose you have to ensure that you do not get distracted from it. In a study conducted by the Harvard Business Review, limiting your choices in life and making fewer decisions can help you develop the self-discipline necessary to build winning habits. 
*Your commitment to performing winning habits is crucial to your success. You need to prepare ahead of time and visualize yourself making the habits before you do. You have to identify what stops you from performing and that should be rectified. 
*When you achieve something make sure that you reward yourself. Small things, such as taking a minute to breathe deeply, getting some sunshine or spending quality time with your loved ones, serve as reinforcement for a job well done. 
You have committed to building strong habits; these tiny rewards will become positive cues that will be associated with your winning lifestyle.