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The importance of having a free life

Biologists have a term called neoteny. They use it to describe species (they are studying) who retain juvenile features well into adulthood.
Many of our cultural institutions have become training grounds for neoteny.
In the present scenario more people in their twenties and thirties live at home than ever before. 
Americans in the top 1 per cent of global wealth whine about how they don’t have enough. Meanwhile, they have pocket supercomputers more powerful than the ones NASA used to get to the moon. 
Instead of using them to become learning machines, hike across the country, or connect with like minds to build new things, they use them to play games.
You do not have to do what the crowd does or become a 'known' person. All of us can become free, unique individuals through adversity. There are safe paths always waiting for us. 
While there are people who profess to 'love' us by helping us in  comfort, the real challenge is to find and earn love from those willing to endure the pain of watching us struggle.
The struggle doesn’t have to lead to a million or a billion dollars. Most of the world lives on a few dollars per day.
Escape and kill your fears with direct real world experiences. Take massive action, and then cut off any possibilities of regret. Face adversities and take full agency for your choices.
Those who are addicted to comfort have an allergic reaction when they spend time around those who can ensure uncomfort.
While certain comfort-addicted neo-maniacs in the world worship 'the coming machine singularity,' you can become a real singularity through facing and overcoming adversity. 
You can become a unique individual if you find someone who loves you enough to allow you to endure challenges.