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Benefits of waking up early:

While most of us start our day swapping through the social media apps in our mobile, we fail to realise the importance of the early hours which influences the rest of our day. 
An article in lists out a few benefits of waking up early. 
* When we wake up in the morning we usually haven’t made any decisions, so our willpower is the highest it will be at any point in the day.
It will be an ideal time to do deep work because you're less likely to give into distractions. 
* Our mind becomes quite scattered after working through out the day. This kind of excessive consumption limits our creativity and makes it difficult to focus.
Our minds are calm when we wake up in the morning. which makes it easier to consume less and create more.
* There is a great deal of power to uninterrupted creation time.  When you are up at the crack of dawn, you are far less likely to be interrupted by a thousand things.
* Waking up early will also increase the availability of time. While we can’t add more than 24 hours to a day, we can add to the hours we get value from. Let’s say you wake up an hour earlier than you normally would each day. That means you would get 7 hours a week and 364 hours a year just from waking up an hour earlier. 
*  Waking up early allows you to start the day with a sense of accomplishment. The feeling of achieving something in the morning will create a momentum which can be carried to the rest of the day. 
While talking about waking up early might be easy but in reality it may be difficult for people. 
Make it easy for yourself to succeed by having your only goal be setting an alarm that goes off early in the morning. Yes, it will be annoying for those of you who are used to sleeping in. You’ll probably roll over and push the snooze button. But if you do this for enough days in a row, your body will eventually adjust.
If waking up earlier is a new habit, routines will just bog you down. It’s going to feel like a chore. Maybe the first thing you need to do is simply get out of bed. Or you’ve already done that, and now need to shake off your drowsiness- experiment often to find what works for you.