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Say no to disclosing your salary

The real test in an interview does not come during the general questions but during the cross-referencing ones. 

The common cross reference questions include 'Why did you leave your last job?', 'Why would you want to join this company over others?' and the most dreaded is the 'Could you provide us with proof to your previous salary?'.

An article in states that it is downright intrusive for an employer to ask an interviewee to disclose information on past salary. 

'Most newbies starting out in the rat-race might have a slightly desperate need to please their interviewer. There is a nascent belief that the more compliant you are, the better are your chances to get hired,' the article states. 

However only after gaining experience people realise that it is standing up for yourself that impresses the authority you are dealing with.

Most people do not know that it is not being unreasonable to refuse to disclose personal information.

The major problem that will arise because of producing the salary documents is that you will lose your negotiating advantage. 

You would have been getting a lower salary in your previous company and might wanted to increase your salary with the new one. 

However your past salary might be used as a base line by your company to set your pay.

So how to politely refuse from disclosing your previous salary? 

Liz Ryan, Founder and CEO of Human Workplace, suggests to say this, 'My past employer made it very clear that my salary information is confidential and I respect that. How shall we proceed?'

But if the interviewer still continues to ask your previous payslip citing 'protocol', you can tell them politely that just as they cannot disclose information of salary of their employees, you too don't feel comfortable disclosing yours as well.

According to Ryan, 'The reason interviewers push for your salary history is that the number in the box on the data collection sheet or the web form makes it easy to screen people in or out. That's all they're looking to do in a first screening conversation.'

When you apply online sometimes. then the previous salary details become mandatory and to avoid this confusion it is always advisable to reach out to the company through mail.

You’re worth more than the job that needs to verify your monetary value by your previous experience. You are also entitled to your privacy. Make sure not to forget that in the clamour for your next job.