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Be the better person

People are often too quick to judge others without even knowing about them or thinking about it twice.
What we think about others or what we know about them is far from the truth.
An article in marcandangel gives a few points which we stop telling about other people.
Behind polite smiles there may be someone hurting and it is wrong to assuming that the happiest person are the ones who smile the most. We can't feel people's pain but they can feel our kindness and be kind to everyone.
No one is perfect and we cannot expect our loved ones to be perfect. We tend to overlook the goodness in someone when we look for the perfection in them.
There is never a defined right or wrong and we do not have to dislike someone if they are doing things differently. 
When we disagree with someone it does not necessarily mean that we do not have to be kind to them.
When it comes to trust we should be trusting people too much and we should not restrict ourselves from trusting strangers. 
Sometimes people are always rude and we should not take it personally, we cannot expect everyone to be the same.
The most important of all is that we should never blame any one else for anything that has happened in our life, be it good or bad.
When and if we feel offended by people's behaviour there are two simple steps- one is being bigger than them and mentally hugging them and wishing them better days.