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Qualities of a good leader

A recent study of Center for Creative Leadership states that the nature of effective leadership is changing and it will change all the more in the next five years. 

To be a leader it is important to learn new skills and have a new mindset. 

'Leading is ultimately about learning,' says André Martin, a faculty member of the Center for Creative Leadership. 'What worked well in the past may not do the trick in your next job or when it’s time to solve the next challenge.'

Martin describes the process of re-thinking effectively as creating a new map of leadership.

'The context, the landscape of leadership, is changing for a number of reasons — complex challenges, increased expectations, technology and so on,' Martin explains.

In simple terms, the balance of bottom-line to relationship skills is shifting. Relationship and connection-based skills are not optional; on the contrary, they are increasingly viewed as primary or pivotal. 

CCL's research has identified four requisite skills for leaders of the future and they are leading employees, managing change, building and mending relationships and employing participative leadership.

Leading employees is one of the most important skills of all the four. Leaders who are effective in this area excel in delegate and develop - They are willing to delegate important tasks and decisions which are also aimed at developing the employees. 

Next is they give feedback both positive and negative to communicate their expectations.

They also motivate their employees by rewarding them for their hard work and dedication. 

Effective leaders are also skilled at building and mending relationships and are able to negotiate and handle work problems.

Leaders with effective relationship building keep their cool, act diplomatically and relate to all which show that they understand others. 

Strong leaders also use effective listening skills and communication to involve others. They engage before acting, inform their employees and listen to what the individuals have to say. 

By cultivating all these skills you will have a better position to tackle complex challenges.