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Only hard workers become innovators

The biggest gift of humans is their ability to come up with new ideas and being innovative. 
While most argue that ideas come out all of a sudden, innovators would say that it was because of their hard work that they were able come with ideas at the right time.
An article in lists out a few strategies to help you develop an innovative mindset.
While most people focus on the solution, innovators will define their problems clearly and thoroughly even before thinking how to tackle it. 
Understanding the problem will help in guiding to take the right course to the solution.
Inspiration cannot be created and you have to be ready to grab it when it comes. 
People tend to listen to everything trying to make something out of out. However we must listen for intent. 
'There are a lot of talkers in the world— a lot of talks, seminars and general babel. At the risk of sounding a bit like some of those seminars, make sure your ear is tuned to pick up when someone is really ready to move forward with an idea,' the article states. 
Being an entrepreneur is not easy, However your aim should be to blend your to-do lists and roles and make them mutually supportive. 
Ideas and projects cross-pollinate and people often think of things in separate and easily defined categories.
What makes innovators to succeed is their hunger to achieve more. Innovation requires agility and you can't allow yourself to become complacent if you want to remain agile.
'You might be tempted to get comfortable with your first idea, especially when it’s your brainchild. It happens to everyone, but nip it in the bud when you notice it. That comfort inhibits growth. You need to be prepared to work toward your best idea, not just the first one that excites you,' the article states.
Whenever you come up with an idea share it with people and get their inputs and understand the Pros and Cons of the idea. Work on the Cons and be your own devil's advocate to better the idea.