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How to be a good leader?

Unlike the belief of most people, leadership has got nothing to do with titles. It is all about attitude and your actions. 
It is the character of interacting with people and motivating them to work with you towards a goal together. 
An article in lists out a few points that would come in handy to show that you are real leader.
The first thing is to look beyond the position of an employee and see him/her as person. Remember that you can influence a family by the way in which you interact with a person.
Always put the needs of the team before your own needs and try to help them whenever needed.
Encourage your team member so that they work at their full potential and provide them with training and opportunities. Make sure that you give them enough responsibility without over burdening them.
Whenever your team achieves something make sure that you give them the due credit and whenever there is a problem take the blame and have your team's back. If there is something that you want to convey to a member do it privately.
When people start climbing the ladder they tend to become lazy and start putting their workload on others, make sure that this does not happen with you.
A good leader need not be skilled, but should live by values. A leader should have earned the respect of the team and it takes a long time to achieve that. 
All these simple points can be incorporated in your life right from today.