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Management lessons that can be learnt from sports

People do not watch sports just for the entertainment factor but also because it teaches a few lessons that will be helpful in life.

Leadership skill is one important aspect that sports teaches us is in a simple and easy to grasp method.

The coaching lessons from sports can be applied to how we think about performance management. 

For instance, the coaching to a basketball team has a big impact on the performance of the team.

Many companies have made a significant transition to the performance management processes to something that is more real-time. 

Giving advice after the match will have lesser impact to the one given during the game.This applies to the companies as well.

Feedback should be given at the right time so that the person can take it in and implement it, so as to yield better results. This will also help people in adjusting their performance to ensure success the next time the same situation comes up.

Manager should act as the coach and there isn't something separate or outside of his/her role.

If you want to make the best out of your employee you should start giving real time feedbacks so that they can adapt their behaviour.