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How to address performance problems effectively

Addressing and correcting a problem is one of the most important and difficult jobs of a manager.

What is more problematic is not addressing to these problems at the right time which may lead to failures.

An article in tells how to effectively address lagging performance with an employee.

Whenever you call an employee make sure that you brief them on the issue and what the correction process looks like, state the purpose and process of what they have been called for. 

The next step is to be specific about the problem and the area in which they should improve. A clear description will help to set the expectation level for the future.

The meeting should not be one sided where the manager keeps talking, the inputs and the problems faced by the employee should also be listened.

During the meeting do not talk about the negativities alone, tell the employee about the positive impact of the improvement. Tell the employees what is the effect of the improved performance on the company, job and their career.

Both the manager and the employee should agree to a specific plan and remove ambiguity and equip the employee with specific ways they can improve. 

These tips may come in handy and will be helpful, however every situation is unique and it is important to asses and consider the contributing factor and it should be addressed accordingly.